Innovative people believe in collaboration. They look for you help to be successful and they help you to be successful too. They understand they can’t learn everything and each person has his own set of expertise. They collaborate with people having different expertise. With ever evolving world this is the best way to progress.

Geeks may not agree with me. Some of the greatest inventions may have come from a lone experimenter. But I would point them to the list of Noble Laureates. More often than not we see that the awards are conferred jointly. There is a reason behind all this. In this every evolving world, the problems are getting more complex day by day. The progress made by scientific community has been so tremendous that it has become almost impossible for any body to continue research work alone. You need to collaborate not only because you don’t know it all but also due to the fact that lot of time and resources are required nowadays.

Collaborating also helps you to multitask. You can now pursue many ideas. You donate some ideas. You borrow ideas. That is how it works.

It’s easier to solve a problem with more than one mind is working on it. I beg to differ. That is why I don’t consider this as need for collaboration. I will explain it later.